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  • Draw your architectural plans quickly using 2D tools and watch Dibac for SketchUp convert it to a 3D model in seconds!

    Draw your walls, and then place doors, windows, wardrobes and stairs, all dynamically created. You can also add any component and joinery from your library or even from the 3D Warehouse, and SketchUp Dibac extension will take care of the rest.

    The perfect architectural plug in tool for architects and interior designers.

    Features of Dibac for SketchUp:

    • Solid Sections: adds a solid face to your sections.
    • Converting to 3D automagically: converts your 2D into 3D with just one button.
    • Staircases: creates staircases dynamically in just no time.
    • Walls: simple but very effective wall tools, including Walls, Parallel Walls and Wall Extensions.
    • Doors, windows and wardrobes: great dynamic components.
    • Custom components and joinery: use any self-hosted component or joinery.
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