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Add the Missing Tools to SketchUp Pro!

SketchPlus is new extension for SketchUp that adds more than 30 easy-to-use tools, many of which are commonly found in other 3D modeling applications such as selection filtering, selection memory, mirror, and align. Designed to work together in a simple and intuitive SketchUp-like user experience, these tools will seamlessly integrate into any existing workflow and you’ll soon wonder how you ever used SketchUp without them!

Benefits include:

  • Higher Productivity for you and your team with over 30 powerful commonly used tools in a convenient bundle format
  • Only one plugin to manage instead of 30+ individual plugins
  • One developer to contact for support
  • Complete and Detailed Documentation at our Help Desk
  • Easy-to-Use consistent user experience and UI for the tools.  SketchPlus tools are designed to complement each other rather than overlap each other.
  • Low cost

Current Features (more are coming):

  • NEW Hip Roof Tool 
  • Wall Tool
  • Pipe Tool
  • Selection Filter
  • Lasso Select
  • Polygon Lasso Select
  • Deep Select Face
  • Selection Painter
  • Select All Instances
  • Select Previous / Select Next (Selection Memory)
  • Component Finder
  • Explode+ (Recursive Explode)
  • Change Axes+
  • Mirror+
  • Smart Array
  • Path Array (Copy Components along Path)
  • Replace Component+
  • Random Spin
  • Random Scale
  • Random Position
  • Drop+ (Drop objects on the surface below)
  • Move to Origin
  • Nudge
  • Align
  • Move to Z
  • Flatten to Ground
  • Sphere Tool
  • Cone Tool
  • Torus Tool
  • Make Faces+
  • Unpaint (all entities recursive, groups / components, or faces / edges)
  • Untag (all entities recursive, groups / components, or faces / edges)
  • Deep Paint Faces
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